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    What is Policy Connect?

    We are the not-for-profit organisation with two decades in policy work, overseeing the research and delivery of more than 50 key publications. We have a long history of success in running engaging forums, commissions and All-Party Parliamentary Groups.
    Policy Connect brings together parliamentarians with public and private organisations. We deliver key pieces of policy-led independent research with recommendations to inform and improve UK public policy.

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    The highest quality in cross-party policy research

    The groups within the Policy Connect network are recognised for providing the highest quality in impartial, policy-led research across a wide range of policy areas, covering mainstream and niche issues.
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    Over 150 events every year, promoting collaboration and dialogue in UK public policy

    Each group within the Policy Connect network conducts a busy events programme of seminars, receptions, roundtables, conferences and report launches designed to promote collaboration and understanding between policymakers, the private, public and third sectors, academia, and other stakeholders.

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    A platform for thoughtful, collaborative & creative debate in UK public policy

    The Policy Connect network of groups is proud of the role it plays in providing a platform for thoughtful, collaborative and creative debate in UK public policy.
    Every group within the network is unique, operating independently. However, all groups share the same fundamental principles that comprise the Policy Connect approach: non-profit, cross-party, fully transparent, providing policy expertise in a highly organised and professional manner.


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    Manufacturing Commission launches 'Industrial Evolution: Making British Manufacturing Sustainable' report

    The Manufacturing Commission is launching its newest inquiry report, Industrial Evolution: Making British Manufacturing Sustainable, ahead of the Paris COP21 talks, in which it outlines vital measures that government and industry should take to ensure that British manufacturing is here to stay.

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