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21st January 2015
The All-Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group (APPCOG) has launched its newest report, 'Carbon Monoxide: From Awareness to Action'.
The 92-page inquiry report warns that approaches towards promoting carbon monoxide safety that rely too heavily on general public awareness-raising may on their own prove ‘insufficient’ to ensure individuals and families are adequately protected from the dangers posed by the colourless, odourless gas. 
The report follows a 9-month inquiry process, undertaken by an Advisory Board of academics, industry figures, parliamentarians and others. Carbon monoxide gas can come from many sources and exposure can happen in numerous different environments, and so the inquiry took evidence from a range of organisations and individuals. This means that myriad behaviours were considered in designing interventions to promote CO safety, and the report reflects this. 
The report was launched at a reception in Palriament. Attendees heard from inquiry co-Chair Baroness Finlay of Llandaff, and other contributing Advisory Board members, including David Palferman (HSE), Scott Darroch (Gas Safe Register), Roland Wessling (Cranfield University) and Barry Sheerman MP (APPCOG). A short Q&A session followed the speeches, focussing on the best ways of taking forward the 21 recommendations within the report